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Club Rules

All of our waters are rented or leased from their owners and our continued access depends to a great extent on the behaviour of our members. Accordingly members are requested to comply with the spirit of the Rules as well as the ‘letter’. By its members acting in a considerate way RADAC will maintain its good reputation and be able to maintain its present fishing and secure new opportunities. You can download copies of the Club's constitution and its Fishing Rules on this page. Please take the time to read and understand these important documents. RADAC Constitution - November 2021 (pdf file) RADAC Fishing Rules - November 2021 (pdf file) RADAC Fishing Etiquette - Revised 2009 (pdf file) The bye-laws that apply to the North West of England govern such things as the closed seasons and limits on the taking of fish. They are available from the Environment Agency Web Site by following this link: Environment Agency North West Bye-laws
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